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The Milestones

At the spring tide of economic reform in 1980’s, China was gradually opening up to all nations therefore receiving acknowledgement in the world. The reform had brought up the nourishment of overseas visitors to Shanghai for investment, employment, family visit, tourism etc. However, at the mean time hundreds of national hospitals and clinics in Shanghai lacked appealing medical service and sufficient medical resources for overseas patients, manifested by the prevalence of out-dated medical equipments, staff weak in service sense,  language and culture barrier. A full array of the disparity constrained Shanghai to become an international city.

Meanwhile, President CHEN Gongbai and CHEN Xingrong, Chair of the Communist Party YUAN Meiying of Huashan Hospital remarked the great demand for the innovation of a multilayer medical service in public health. Therefore, In January 8th, 1988, the whole setup of Huashan Worldwide Medical Center was accomplished, initiated by these Huashan foreseers along with a co-founder from Hong Kong entrepreneur, Mr. YANG Keh-Ping. Professor May Yuan was in supervision on the setup and running of HWMC(expatriate ward)after her imminent return from studying in Kettering Medical Center, USA. In 1989, whilst the critical finance difficulties occurred due to the economic downturn in China, Mr. YANG resolutely invested to support the opening of HWMC.

Located in the 18th and 19th floor of Building No.2, HWMC began its service to public in November 1989.

On November 7th, 1990, HWMC held a celebrative Opening Ceremony.

2.png   6.png

Hence, the foundation of the medical facility for overseas patients has opened up as new page for Chinese hospitals.

Embracing the value of “patient centered, providing warm and comfortable, compassionate and thoughtful medical service”, HWMC had received 15,000 patient visits including 200 critical patients from 86 countries and regions in the first four years. This uniquely remarked HWMC as a leading medical provider for overseas patients.The center’s  core value of “We always try our best to help you”, had left ingrained memories to overseas patients, and was honored as the Five Star Hospital in China. It received high acknowledgments and appreciations from various consulates general in Shanghai and international corporations. On April 14th, 1994, Dr. Helmut Arndt, German Consul General Shanghai gave the Bronze Award on behalf of consulates general of Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, India, Japan, New Zealand and the United States of America to HUASHAN WORLDWIDE MEDICAL CENTER as a high appraisal of the center’s quality medical service provided to their staff and citizens in Shanghai.

3.png   4.png

HWMC continued developing in medical market for expatriate residents in Shanghai after Prof. SUN Tao took the assignment as the director of HWMC from 1995. While pioneering in the close medical facilities, the medical care, nursing care, and supporting facility in HWMC were further replenished through improvement and adaptation of the regulations. Ramming core competitiveness and center’s core value, the entire medical service excellence was further elevated.

Continuously conducted by Director May Yuan and SUN Tao, HUASHAN WORLDWIDE MEDICAL CENTER has been awarded with many honors and recognition from national or municipal government. (“March 8th Red Flag Unit” and “National Model Civilized Status”) It is also designated as the medical backup for many international events, such as ‘99 Fortune Forum, Shanghai Five-country Summit, APEC Summit and also many international political figures´ visiting Shanghai.

In 2001, HWMC was relocated to a new site, expanding to 2 main wards with 26 standard rooms accommodated 48 beds. In addition, 5 consultation rooms for outpatient and medical emergency were in service.

In 2002, Prof. GU Jingwen was appointed as director of HWMC.At the bridge of entering WTO, domestic medical facilities started encountering an intensive peer pressure in competition.Breaking through the fixed developing model and focusing on the benefit of medical care and service to overseas patients,the center not only adapted cooperation with various international medical institutes, insurance and assistance companies, but also strengthened the relationship within hospital administration and clinical sections.Extensive and multi-layer professional training was also provided to the staff for the formation of an international medical service system with Chinese characteristics. Hence, HWMC has become the preferred medical center reckoned by various consulates general and international corporations in Shanghai.

In May 2002, Prof. ZHANG Yuanfang, the president of Huashan Hospital, received the recognition for HWMC as the Preferred Medical Center in Shanghai from the International SOS.

     4.png   7.png

Together with the Anti-SARS Campaign in 2003, HWMC’s staff successfully detected, quarantined and safely transferred for the cure of the only overseas SARS patient in Shanghai with great sense of responsibility. In the same year, the center got national and medical union awards.


In 2006, HWMC summed up abundant experiences from clinical practice for overseas patients, and “Establishment of Emergency Medical Response System and Green Path for Expatriate Residents” received the Sixth Fudan University Clinical Achievement Awards in 2006.

The opening ceremony of the enlarged and brand new outpatient department was held in April 2007. Consul general of USA, Italy and Argentina, Consuls and Medical Officers from various countries in Shanghai, leaders from Fudan University, Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office,Shanghai Health Bureau guest the event.


 In Sept. 2007, Mr. Perez, CEO of KHN and Mrs. Perez visited HWMC, Huashan Hospital under the invitation of President XU Jianguang and signed a memorandum of understanding. This signified the reunion between HWMC and KHN after 15 years out of touch. Since then, there are many exchange programs between the two institutions and more than 10 medical staffs have been trained in KHN.

In October 2007, Huashan Worldwide Medical Center was honored Bronze Medal by Italian Consulate General Shanghai, designating the center as official medical provider, whilst three doctors were certified as the recommended doctor.

In January 2008, Consular Spouses  Shanghai (CSS), 23 members in total, paid a visit to Huashan Hospital. The visiting members highly praised HWMC beautiful environment and service excellence.


As a leading medical provider and to welcome Shanghai World Expo, HWMC organized the first international forum “Premium Healthcare in Shanghai” in April 2008, a successful approach for the full discussion and communication among medical professionals for the premium healthcare in Shanghai.

As a part of Chinese Red Cross Hospital, adhering to “Humanity, Love and devotion”, HWMC dispatched four medical staffs in assistance to Huashan Hospital Red Cross China Medical Relief Team to Chinese-German Red Cross Mobile Hospital in Dujiangyan after the catastrophic earthquake of magnitude 8 hit Wenchuan, on May 12th 2008.


In August 2008,HWMC assisted Huashan Hospital successfully carry out the medical support for Beijing Olympics Shanghai site. Over a decade, HWMC has been assigned as the medical backup for many important overseas political figures’visits and a lot of major international events such as F1, V8, Moto GP, NBA etc. in Shanghai.

In Dec.2008, the project “A clinical epidemiology study and consummation of the medical service system for overseas patients in general hospital” conducted by Prof. GU jingwen obtained a grant from Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau. This has become a welcome step-forward to systemize and theorize the clinical medical care for expatriate residences.

In Oct.2009, HWMC organized The 2nd International Forum---Premium Healthcare in Shanghai.

In Oct. 2009, more than 250 participants from every walks of lives, including consuls general in Shanghai, leaders of Huashan hospital, and delegations from US and Japan attended HWMC 20th anniversary celebration, witnessing the development of the Centre for the past two decades.

From May to Oct. 2010, HWMC was designated as the medical provider for foreign pavilions of World Expo and treated about 150 cases. HWMC received several national and municipal awards because the successful support to World Expo.

In Aug. 2010, the first committee of The Society of International Medicine(SIM), Shanghai Medical Association was set up. Director GU Jingwen, has been elected as the chairman of SIM. Vice director Lu Yanwen has been elected as the member and secretary of the committee.  HWMC has established its important status in medical field in Shanghai and nationwide.

In Oct.2010, HWMC organized The 3rd International Forum “Premium Healthcare in Shanghai”and the Inauguration Ceremony of SIM.

In October 2010, HWMC held Academic Week. Professor from Harvard Medical College and Kyoto University Medical College were invited for clinical teaching sessions.

  In Nov. 2010, HWMC held Shanghai Medical Tourism Symposium.

Between 2011 and 2013, HWMC consecutively held the 4th, 5th and 6th International Forum – Premium Healthcare in Shanghai respectively and conjoint with National Continuing Medical Education Training Program. It creates a great impact for the modern premium healthcare development, meanwhile continuously lead and promote its growth in nationwide.     

In May 2011, the consulate general of South Africa, the 10th consulate general in Shanghai, had appointed HWMC as a designated healthcare provider.

Between 2011 and 2013, HWMC, Huashan Hospital and Kyoto University affiliated Kitano Hospital, signed the memorandum of understanding, which included areas of clinical practice, education and research. A joined project with the title of “The Management of Chronic Diseases for Japanese Residents in Shanghai” was completed smoothly. Since the MOU signed, more than 20 staffs from HWMC had visited Japan and participated in this exchange program.

In July 2012, President DING Qiang, led a team visited Kettering Health Network in USA. A MOU was re-signed, thus, create further cooperation.  

In 2012, Professor GU Jingwen successfully completed a research project “Study of Shanghai Commercial Health Insurance Policy”. The result was published in Chinese Health Resources and has been collected in the internal publication of Shanghai Health Development Research Center. Professor GU, gave her keynote speech in The 6Th International Forum- Premium Healthcare in Shanghai, had brought an extensive attention and appraisal, as an evident study for policy making.  

In Sept. 2012, HWMC held the round table meeting: “Incorporate International Experience to Train General Practitioners in Shanghai”. In Feb. 2013, HWMC officially received the approval from Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning to be the first training base for General Practice Program in premium healthcare, comprehensively integrate and cultivate general practitioners.

Between 2012 and 2013, Prof. GU Jingwen was named by the Shanghai Medical Association as a prominent chairman due to her selfless devotion and remarkable contribution for the founding and developing of the Society of International Medicine. Prof. LU Yanwen was rated as an outstanding secretary. In 2013, both have been reappointed consecutively. Once again, this has marked the leadership of HWMC in local premium healthcare service.     

In a twinkling of an eye, 25 years like a lightning flash.

This is a splendid poem; from global prospective, reflects dramatic changes and a great achievement in our medical progress! 

This is a magnificent painting with historical value showed our unique service and commitment, with earnest and assiduous effort!

Increasing number of consulates, international cooperates, international insurance companies have affirmed Huashan Worldwide Medical Center as their designated healthcare provider. Of one accord, hundreds of thousands of premium patients have chosen HWMC. We have started to reflect on and ask ourselves how we can better manage the situations.  

 We had multiple visits to Cambridge and Harvard looking for our answer; however, a renowned service agency had equally enlightened us and gave us an insight.  Twenty-five years, was not that long, but we endeavoring to our brilliant achievement! As a leader of premium healthcare provider in Shanghai, HWMC will celebrate its 25th anniversary in this diversified city, growing up together with over a century old of Huashan Hospital. We are proudly stood by our mission and vision; continue to leads and evolves the premium healthcare with Chinese characteristic and conform to world standard.  

There is no better memorial to history than that of creating a brighter future! Twenty-five years of cumulative experiences, a quarter-century of hidden emotions, which will bring us to our future with sustainable development.   

Let us continue looking out to the sea and leaping forward to the world together!